With people realising the ways in which one can extract juices with much nutritional value that conventional way. It is important that one does thorough research before they buy a juicer. Here are something that one needs to keep in mind before considering buying a juicer.

The fruits, vegetable and the greens that you plan to juice

There are many different types of fruits which can help ensure that you have the right juicer. There are many juicers which are specifically meant to juice a particular fruit and to get to know your fruits can be the best way to make sure that you can find the right juicer to suit your needs.

Time to make the juice

The times that you are willing to make the juice and the quantity will also dictate how you will use the juicer. If you want to make a lot of juice quickly, you need to make sure to compromise on the quality a little bit. If you make small quantities of juice and you do not want to compromise on the nutritional value of the juice, it is better that you opt for commercial cold press juicer. Find the right cold press juicer reviews here.

High juice yield and dry pulp

The juice yield is one of the critical ways to make sure that quality of the effectiveness of the juicer. There is also important that people are aware of the produce that can help ensure that they stay on with the quantity as well. There are many twin gear mastication juicers which gives the highest yield, and centrifugal juicers tend to give a lower yield.

Your budget

Just like most things in life, it is important that one sticks to the right budget even when it comes to juicers. Try to make sure that you have the right product which works according to your requirements it is important that you make the right budget decision. Ask it is a good idea to ask yourself the question if you will be able to connect to the lifestyle of juices.


Juices generally come with much-varying warranties, try to make sure that you have high-speed centrifugal juicers which can have access to more than 1-5 years of warranty. Try to ensure that you check the right warranties also look for the retailers where you can sell the products later. Also, ensure that the people have a dedicated service team which can keep your juicer in the best shape possible.

Ability to juice leafy greens

This is the greatest benefit of juicing as extracting raw juice from a leafy green can be very difficult. But leafy greens are very rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Try to make sure that you stick with mastication juicers for this as they will make sure that you get the right blend.